According to Joseph Serota, MD, a Denver plastic surgeon, physicians should give their patients a thorough medical examination before they undergo aesthetic plastic surgery. Serota says the examination should include information about any medical conditions and drug allergies the patient may have, including a comprehensive list of medications they are currently taking.

Many patients don’t know that the natural herbs they are taking may cause serious complications during and after a surgery and do not mention that they are using the supplements because they assume that they are safe.

Serota says physicians should discuss with their patients the complications and risks associated with taking natural supplements. Chondroitin may cause bleeding complications during surgery, particularly when used in combination with blood-thinning medications. Echinacea, used for the prevention and treatment of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, as well as chronic wounds, ulcers, and arthritis, can trigger immunosuppression, causing poor wound healing and infection. Glucosamine, often offered in conjunction with chondroitin, contains chemical elements that mimic human insulin, and may artificially cause hypoglycemia during surgery.

Other common supplements that may cause dangerous side effects are gingko biloba, goldenseal, milk thistle, ginseng, kava, and garlic.

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