I enjoy lists — making them, reading others’, and filing them away for a rainy day. Very few Web sites (or blogs) publish decent lists of surgeon Web sites that you should follow. I’ve done a few of them for PSP, but here’s a list that I like a lot: The Top 50 Surgeon Bloggers, taken from a very generic, “undesigned”-looking blog called I Scrub. Here are the first five listings:

1. Inside Surgery: The editors of this blog are not afraid to report on any surgical topic. Get information on every kind of surgery from amputation to vascular. A recent entry dealt with delays in surgery in an Australian hospital.

2. [removed]SurgeXperiences[/removed]: Both former and future surgical patients can come here to read experiences in surgery. Editions are hosted every other Sunday. You can read past entries by various doctors in different practices, or sign up for future episodes.

3. Respectful Insolence: Part of Science Blogs, Orac is a surgeon/scientist whose self admitted large ego drives his verbal meanderings. The blog focuses on medicine, quackery, science, pseudoscience, history, and pseudohistory. A recent entry dealt with a boy who refused chemotherapy for lymphoma.

4. Better Health: Dr. Val Jones has experience in plastic and pediatric surgery and runs this blog with a variety of medical contributors. Posts are contributed from across the nation and include everything from common problems to mysterious. You can also get a ton of health related information.

5. Made A Difference For That One: Chris is an American Military Surgeon deployed to Iraq who is making a difference in his patient’s lives. Visit here to learn about patients he has treated, along with what you can do to help. It is also full of inspiring messages of survival and hope.

Read it all.