According to New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman, her clientele skews younger and younger each year, driven by social media awareness and, to some small degree, that airbrushed Kardashian effect. But when you have the youthful advantage on your side, what exactly is there to be done? Turns out, plenty. Here, five ways a dermatologist can help you in your 20s—and set you up for your 30s.

Build a Smarter Skin-Care Routine
Sitting in Engelman’s office, the first act on the checklist is to rattle off your skin-care routine for meticulous review—cut through the insane clutter of a medicine cabinet. For instance, a gentle reminder to begin exfoliating in your 20s, as skin cell turnover begins to turn down, and add an antioxidant-rich serum to fight stress-induced dullness, are key.

Stop Breakouts for Good
It is an unfortunate truth that adult acne tends to plague women long after their teens, and many women in their 20s suffer with breakouts when there’s an easy solution. An emergency cortisone shot at the dermatologist’s office remains a several-second solution to shrinking particularly bad zits. Chronic acne, which can be the result of anything from genetics to a crazy schedule or frequent travel, can necessitate a bigger picture game plan. Think a topical prescription gel like Aczone, which acts as a medicated, mattifying skin primer, or a pore-purifying series of laser treatments like Isolaz.