Talk about instant gratification: Thanks to a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Angelenos can say sayonara to not just wrinkles but also to future trips to the doctor’s office or medical spa. On February 10, Dr. David Hopp will launch GoToxNOW, a fleet of smart cars (both branded and discreetly sans logo) that act as mobile command centers for a full menu of injectables, from Botox to vitamin B to cortisone. Just like in his Robertson Boulevard spa and Youthfill MD express centers, all injections are given by registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants trained personally by Hopp—or the doc himself.

In addition to the injectables, the car (and its trained professional) delivers the chair back, lighting and post-care ice packs, stem serum, and balm. Because most people don’t have those just lying around.

Hopp has already been traveling to his patients for several years. “It started when clients asked me to head out to Burbank to set where actors or actresses were working incredibly long days or nights shooting and found the need for either vitamin or energy therapies, or were trying to keep consistency in a look and needed to get rid of cystic acne with cortisone,” he says. “Of course, there were always requests for filler of neurotoxin to keep the airbrushed poster and the canvas closely matched.”