Part of a practice’s comprehensive PR and marketing push will rely, at some point, on a press release. For marketing professionals and tech-savvy physicians, it is relatively easy to publish something interesting about your practice — or you personal/professional history and accomplishments — in a press release that literally goes out to the entire planet.

For anyone who would like to read a good example of a press release, check out this one: [removed]Press Release: Not All Minimally Invasive Facial Plastic Surgery is Created Equal:[/removed]

Despite creative efforts from cosmetic companies  attempting to brand plastic surgeons, Dr. John LeRoy says the true difference among “mini” facial rejuvenation procedures performed at his Atlanta plastic surgery practice lies in experience and results.

Since 1997, board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. LeRoy has used surgical experience and patient feedback to develop a line of minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedures that are completed in-office using gentle numbing. These procedures include the following: Band Aid Facelift, Band Aid Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Band Aid Brow Lift, and Band Aid Liposuction to address small areas of patient concern without overly altering their appearance. The important thing to note here, according to Dr. LeRoy, is that he has developed these procedures independent of corporate influence from the major cosmetic companies.

This is a very pro-consumer, pro advocacy-type of press release, and its bias is stated right up front. I picked up this news item from a business press Web site, but here is the original link to PRWeb, the site where Dr LeRoy first published his p.r. missive. He had to pay for using PRWeb, but it is probably worth the money to spend on a site such as PRWeb, where your release will get picked up by Google and distributed everywhere.

Here is LeRoy’s parting shot:

“The history of legal trouble some partial “mini” facelift brands have experienced emphasizes the importance of consumers exercising caution when choosing a surgeon to ensure they are receiving the best care available and not lusting after the procedure’s label.”

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