The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser is a new home-based product that claims to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The device was announced last week by manufacturer Palomar Medical Technologies Inc.

According to the company, the PaloVia laser also "works below the surface where wrinkles form. It generates pulses of microfine laser light that reaches deeply into the skin’s sublayers, treating the skin’s aging support structure. Then the body’s natural healing process sweeps away the older, damaged tissue and rebuilds it with fresh, new collagen and elastin—the crucial building blocks of smooth, youthful skin," according to a company press release.
The firm also cites a clinical study in which dermatologists and plastic surgeons saw "a noticeable reduction in wrinkles in 92% of participants after one month of daily treatments."

Palomar is marketing the home laser system via QVC online and the QVC television channel. The product will be released in January 2011 to Nordstrom and other retailers, plus physicians’ offices. The product has a suggested retail price of $499.
[Source: Palomar Medical Technologies Inc]