Egypt’s cosmetic surgery industry is booming as more Egyptians are going under the knife than ever before.

The number of cosmetic surgery clinics dotted around Cairo has grown from a handful to hundreds of dedicated practices offering everything from breast augmentation to tummy tucks.

“The cosmetic surgery market is quite popular in Egypt. It’s been popular for some time and its popularity keeps on growing,”Cairo surgeon Dr. Youssef Khashaba told Al Bawaba News.

Cosmetic surgery, which was once the preserve of the ultra-wealthy, is now available to all in public hospitals at a discounted rate.
“Almost every stratum of society takes a share in the market, Dr. Khashaba said.

“Some are even having some cosmetic procedures free of charge in public hospitals,” he said.
As most procedures are carried out in private clinics, it is difficult to find out exactly how many operations are carried out each year in Egypt.
However, a walk through Cairo’s Heliopolis district reveals that business is booming for many clinics, with advertisements offering a variety of procedures including breast augmentation and hair replacement therapy popping up almost every week.