Female patients are opting to get shapely arms without the seam of a scar with a new procedure—the invisible arm lift.

“I think I like the winter season better, because I can wear long sleeves and cover it up,” says Tricia Heiser, 34, who disguised her large arms beneath long sleeves before the arm lift procedure.

During the invisible arm lift, plastic surgeons create a small incision in the armpit, liposuction the upper arm, and then pull the excess skin towards the underarm.

“Sometimes you’re taking two or three inches of skin off and you’re just hiding it in the armpit crease,” says Utah Southwestern plastic surgeon Rod Rohrich, MD. “That’s an inner arm tuck. An invisible arm lift.”

Rohrich says patients can see a 50% to 70% decrease in their arms’ size with the invisible arm lift.

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