MaxMD, Fort Lee, NJ, announces it is the exclusive provider of “.md” Web addresses and the world’s only health care-specific top-level Internet domain. Plastic surgeons, typically the most marketing-oriented of all physicians, are among the largest group of specialists who register .md web addresses, according to the company.

In addition, MaxMD provides medical practices with HIPAA-compliant e-mail encryption services that lets physicians save money in postage, copying, and clerical time. MaxMD offers services to help physicians comply with changes in HIPAA rules resulting from the HITECH act, which includes increased monetary penalties and breach notification requirements.

MaxMD provides the only interoperable encrypted communications platform of its kind, according to the company. It integrates with Outlook, Mozilla, or Blackberry, as well as many modern e-mail systems. It also interoperates with other medical office software, including EMR and practice-management applications. Whereas most other HIPAA-centric encryption solutions use portals—the equivalent of an electronic post office box that requires e-mail to be picked up and dropped off by recipients—MaxMD provides direct “inbox-to-inbox” communications.

MaxMD also enables physicians (or their assistants) to send and receive encrypted e-mail, including encrypted attachments and other data, using a PC, smart phone, or similar device with Internet access. The annual cost of MaxMD for the typical practice is $2.05 per day, the company says, and some practices using MaxMD now use its e-mail features to save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on postage, copying, and other office expenses, as well as savings in clerical time, collection calls, and other nonmedical, labor-intensive tasks.

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Wellness Formulations, Hazelton, Pa, introduces Dermal Renu® Advanced Skin Science, an antiaging skin care system that contains antioxidants, moisturizing elements, peptides, botanical extracts, and four antiaging agents. These ingredients are continuously released into the skin through a proprietary delivery technology called EnduriVeil.™ The 60-day two-step, twice-daily skin care system for women of all ages and all skin types includes two CleanStart cleanse and preps, DayShield am treatment, NightRestore pm treatment, and SmoothReveal exfoliating gel.

Wellness Formulations LLC
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MD Resource, Hayward, Calif, offers the AquaVitage, an FDA-cleared high-volume fat harvesting device that processes autologous fat to produce viable, undamaged “yellow” product that can be reintroduced into other areas of the body during cosmetic surgery. The device reduces lipocyte trauma through its unique design and gentle processing to produce a more pure product with a higher percentage of viable cells for reinjection, therefore obviating the need for overfilling. It can harvest up to 2,000 cc of fat in less than 30 minutes, often concurrently with liposuction to dramatically reduce surgery time.

MD Resource
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Midmark, Versailles, Ohio, introduces the Midmark 625 Barrier-Free Power Examination Table. The fully adjustable table supports up to 650 pounds, has 32-inch-wide upholstery options, and can be lowered to a height of 18 inches. Its power height and back option gives physicians easy access and accessibility during the patient exam while enabling the patient to be relaxed and in a comfortable position. The table’s Quick Exam™ one-touch button enables physicians to prep for exams while the patient is being positioned, and its faster actuator speed helps reduce positioning time by 35%.

Midmark Corp
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