Mommy makeovers appear to do more than improve a mom’s post-pregnancy figure, they may also boost women’s sex lives, according to a new report from

Mommy makeover searches jumped 13 percent during the past year. A poll conducted by RealSelf shows that mommy makeover patients experienced a boost in self-confidence, attractiveness and sex life satisfaction. The findings come from the seasonal RealSelf Medi-Beauty Trend Report.

According to the new report:

New non-invasive procedures to reduce cellulite and fat are seeing steep search volume increases. In April 2012, there were more than 220,000 searches for Cellulaze, compared to just 40,000 searches the month before. What’s more, CoolSculpting searches increased 36 percent in the past year.

Thermage Turns Back Hands of Time

RealSelf also polled 225 people on which non-invasive skin treatments shaved off the most years. Thermage led with an average guess of 6.91 years younger on the "after" photo. That said, Ultherapy scores the highest in patient satisfaction and interest, boasting an 83 percent Worth It Rating by reviewers. Consumer searches for Ultherapy are up 21 percent during the last year.

Butt Lifts Big in Florida mapped search volume by state to identify geographical hot spots for the popular Brazilian Butt Lift . Butt enhancement searches soared in the Southeast, where Florida claimed the No. 1 spot for Brazilian Butt Lift searches. The Midwest states dominated searches for breast implants.

Board Certification Matters

RealSelf also found that patient satisfaction rates are an average of 15 percent higher when procedures are performed by board-certified doctors trained in an aesthetic specialty compared with hose who are not.