An approach to health and well-being that smooths facial wrinkles endorsed by some of the world’s biggest names including Madonna and Kim Kardashian has come to The Sanchaya Bintan.

Developed by renowned healer and skincare expert Kazumasa Kawasaki, who has an estimated 100,000 followers predominantly in his native Japan, Europe and the United States, ‘The Kawasaki Way’ challenges widespread belief plastic surgery is needed to combat the ravages of aging.

Dubbed the ‘Non-Surgical Lift’, the 60-minute treatment on offer at The Sanchaya Spa prescribes specialized massage techniques to boost blood circulation and skincare product made from rare, natural Japanese ingredients. The results include an instant, visible reduction of facial wrinkles.

“It’s a major coup for The Sanchaya Spa to offer such a singular treatment and two of Kawasaki’s skincare products for the first time in Asia outside of Japan,” said The Sanchaya’s founder Natalya Pavchinskaya.

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