A heavily discounted device used across Australia in breast implants has been linked to an increasing number of cancer cases.

Statistics reveal that nine out of 10 women who have been linked to the rare blood cancer had the textured devices inserted during their breast enhancement surgery, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Five cancer clusters were identified across the nation and linked to the cheap implants with help from the new Australian Breast Implant Registry which has been joined by 16 other countries.

Seven patients under one doctor in Southeast Queensland were identified with the disease.

President of the Australian Plastic Surgeons Association Professor Mark Ashton said the discounted products came with the highest risk.

More than 55 Australian women developed the cancer after having implants inserted and four of them died.

The problematic devices are known to be favoured as they don’t shift around eliminating the need for revision surgery.

A spokesperson for the Therapeutic Goods Administration, who oversee the country’s medicine, said the organisation is reviewing the breast implants available across Australia.

‘This activity is in recognition that, although rare, lymphoma is a type of cancer that could have devastating consequences for women,’ the spokeswoman said.

‘The review would also provide better evidence to inform the choice women make in choosing whether to have a breast implant solely for cosmetic purposes or after surviving cancer and needing reconstructive surgery.’