Peter T. Pacik, MD, founder of the Plastic Surgery Center, in  Manchester, NH, presented a combination of three techniques he developed over the past 41⁄2 years to make breast enlargement surgery safer and more effective. He presented his findings at the 47th annual meeting of the New England Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in New Castle, NH, earlier this month.

“I believe that by incorporating these three technical changes, the operation has been made safer, while at the same time achieving enhanced cleavage of the inner lower zone of the breast,” says Pacik.

Pacik’s techniques provide improved integrity to the breast fold, thereby reducing the complication of “bottoming out.” Used in combination, the techniques enhance the lowering of the thicker zone of the breast fold, giving improved rounding and cleavage to the area protecting the position of the implant.

Pacik combines these procedures with a muscular sling from the pectoralis major muscle to the level of the lower portion of the breast fold and blocking sutures to safeguard against bottoming out.

[www.emediawire.com, June 12, 2006]