A new breast “pre-expansion” technique can triple the volume of fat cells transferred to the breasts, according to a report in the March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dubbed the “mega-volume” autologous fat transfer technique for breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, the technique helps overcome limits on fat transfer to breasts.

The patient must first undergo several weeks of “pre-expansion” treatment using the Brava® system. The researchers also developed a “micro-ribbon” technique of injecting fat cells, distributing them in close proximity (within 2 millimeters) to the blood supply needed for survival, and describe approaches to estimating the volume of fat that can be safely injected without creating excessive pressure within the breast.

Still, achieving good results with mega-volume fat transfer depends on the patient’s commitment to using the Brava device for breast pre-expansion, for up to 3 weeks before the procedure.