The Aesthetic Society announces it is developing a Patient App via support from Allergan. Designed to empower patients, the app will facilitate two-way doctor-patient communication and acquire essential data related to breast implant patients.

The App is meant to serve the needs of the entire spectrum of stakeholders including breast implant patients, surgeons and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), according to a media release from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Development of the app comes as a result of the March 2019 meeting of the FDA General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel discussing the safety and risks of breast implants. The Panel heard from members of The Aesthetic Society, patient advocates and manufacturers. Findings emphasized that improved patient monitoring and collection of critical data are vital steps to keep patients informed so they better understand risks associated with breast implants.

The Patient App will empower patients by delivering permanent and secure information about their breast implants and the procedure, directly to their phones and other devices.

“The Aesthetic Society’s leadership listened to the patient testimony during the hearing and, in conjunction with our technology partner, Anzu, brainstormed a technology solution to meet the stakeholder needs while maintaining a focus on patient care and outcomes,” Dr. Charles Thorne, President of The Aesthetic Society, states in the release.

“We at Allergan believe that patients should have access to thorough information and are empowered to make informed decisions before surgery and receive ongoing communication after their procedure,” comments Carrie Strom, Senior Vice President US Medical Aesthetics.

“The Patient App that The Aesthetic Society is developing will enable women to have real-time access to the latest breast implant information.”

The HIPAA-compliant Patient App will provide patient feedback via surveys as well as provide a digital safe that securely and permanently holds an electronic copy of the patient’s implant record and procedure summary. Other key features will include:

  • Safety alerts
  • Messaging between the patient and the implanting physician
  • Information sharing among patients, physician, and regulators
  • Surveys to collect safety and outcomes data after the implant procedure
  • Procedure information
  • Pre and post-operative instructions

The Patient App is currently in development and will be available in 2020.

[Source(s): American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PR Newswire]