Sure, the line, “Can’t live with them; can’t live without them,” was first uttered about women (*rolls eyes*), but every one of us knows the same can be said about bras. They’re uncomfortable, can get expensive and can make our breasts look saggy. But, could of half the battle be our fault?

Turns out, most of us are making mistakes we don’t even realize when it comes to our bras, and it’s making the already less-than-ideal situation (you know, having to wear one) much worse. You may have heard of the issues that may arise when you wash your bras wrong or buy the wrong size (expert tip: buy one that fits well on the last set of hooks, not the tightest), but there are more faux pas involved than we think—like these common offenders that Erin Landon, vice president for Soma, says often result in an ill-fitting, droopy look no one wants.