The ‘invisible’ boob job, is offering women more natural looking breast augmentation with tiny scars, according to the creators of the new treatment.The boob job has been the most popular plastic surgery option for years – but lots of women are put off by the idea of scars.However, this op claims to put paid to those fears.

A recent survey carried out by The Plastic Surgery Group found that 63 per cent of women considering a boob job stated their biggest fear about the procedure was the scarring.

The cosmetic surgeons behind The Plastic Surgery Group, Mr Dan Marsh and Mr Mo Akhavani, are adding the ‘invisible’ boob job to their arsenal of nips and tucks.The procedure uses a “Keller Funnel” to allow the surgeons to place even large implants through a small hole the size of two pound coin.Marsh explains, “The Keller Funnel allows you to do a breast augmentation through a tiny incision that’s 3cm or less, which is hidden in the crease in the breast.

“Most incisions are 5-7cm, but with the ‘invisible’ boob job the scars really do fade away to almost nothing. It has revolutionised how we do breast augmentation.”