“This news is no surprise to our members, who have pioneered the use of local anesthesia during surgery for over 30 years,” said Thomas E. Rohrer, MD, President of ASDS. “ASDS members perform minimally invasive procedures every day utilizing local anesthesia, delivering safe and effective results.”

Since the early 80’s, ASDS members are been utilizing local anesthesia with outstanding results. In 1985, ASDS member Jeffrey Klein, MD, was the pioneer of the tumescent technique for liposuction.

The tumescent method infuses local anesthesia into subcutaneous fat, thereby eliminating the need for general anesthesia or sedatives. The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery featured the technique as the safest form of liposuction surgery with minimal recovery time with excellent cosmetic results.

In addition to treatments improving the appearance of skin, such as sun damage, facial redness, melasma and vitiligo, ASDS members perform a variety skin cancer treatments including Mohs surgery, cryosurgery and laser surgery. All of these procedures are performed on awake patients using local anesthesia, offering a better experience and quicker recovery time.