Summary: Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center recently performed an unprecedented “Jaw in a Day” surgery at Methodist University Hospital, removing an advanced tumor and reconstructing the jaw of a teenage patient within a single day. This innovative procedure leverages 3D imaging and precise surgical techniques to address complex facial conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The “Jaw in a Day” procedure significantly shortens the treatment timeline and recovery period for patients.
  • The collaboration between Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and UT Health Science Center emphasizes multidisciplinary teamwork and resource-sharing.

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in partnership with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center recently performed a first-of-its-kind procedure at Methodist University Hospital. The surgery involved removing an advanced tumor from the face of a teenage patient and fully reconstructing the jaw in a single day.

According to a press release from Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, “Jaw in a Day” uses 3D imaging technology and medical precision to treat patients with complex head and neck cancers, benign tumors or related facial injuries. The multidisciplinary team used microscopic guidance to remove abnormalities and recreate facial, mouth and jaw skeleton using bone segments and blood vessels from other parts of the body. Prosthetic dental implants are then fitted to the recreated jaw, completing the single day surgery.

“The significant advantage of the ‘Jaw in a Day’ procedure is its ability to substantially shorten the treatment timeline. This results in a faster recovery time, less discomfort, and an improved quality of life for the patient, allowing them to reintegrate into their normal life more swiftly,” said Anas Eid, MD, chief of facial plastic surgery in the UT Health Science Center College of Medicine.

According to the same press release, UT Health Science Center and Methodist University Hospital currently are the only institutions in Tennessee and the surrounding area to offer “Jaw in a Day” surgery.

“We were happy to collaborate with our academic partner UT Health Science Center to pioneer this transformative procedure for our region, as it’s our unwavering commitment to offer the Mid-South the most advanced surgical care possible,” said Methodist University President Tim Slocum, FACHE. “We believe everyone should have access to the highest quality safest care close to their own backyard and will continue to pursue the highest level of excellence in delivering on our promise.”

“A complex procedure of this magnitude solidifies the valuable on-going relationship between Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and UT Health Science Center, which fosters multidisciplinary collaboration and resource-sharing. We champion opportunities to deliver advanced patient care to all we are privileged to serve,” said Slocum.