Sciton Inc, a Palo Alto, Calif-based manufacturer of medical and aesthetic lasers and light source technologies, announces the launch of its BBLINK Goggles.

Introduced at Sciton’s 2021 Global Team Meeting in Denver, these smart glasses physically blink for the user to block out strain inducing light flashes, leading to an improved treatment visibility and overall more pleasant experience for the practitioner.

BBLINK Goggles feature proprietary technology which connects directly with Sciton BBL systems and receives shutter close commands from the system’s computer slightly before the light flash occurs. This allows users to keep up with the high-speed pulsing of BBL HERO, while still allowing them to see everything but the flash. BBLINK works with all modalities of BBL including HERO, Forever Young, Forever Bare, and SkinTyte to block every flash, every time, the company notes in a media release.

“The BBLINK goggles are a huge improvement over existing safety glasses,” shares Jason Pozner, MD. “I don’t want to use BBL without them.”

BBLINK Goggles features:

  • Proprietary shutter design automatically matches the speed of any BBL application
  • Headaches and eye strain from basic IPL protection are a thing of the past
  • Experience better visibility for precise placement of the BBL sapphire for perfect results every time
  • Artfully designed with integrated IPL protective goggles, BBLINK offers True Block
  • Quick and simple pairing with the JOULE, mJOULE System
  • Multiple goggles can be synced to the same system and used during the same treatment
  • Can last an average full day of treatments                               

“Sciton has a 24-year history of raising the bar in aesthetic laser and light technology. This innovation and dedication to our partners doesn’t stop at our laser and light technologies. We constantly listen to our user feedback, and the BBLINK Goggles directly results from that feedback. We never stop working to improve the user experience.”

— Sciton CEO, Aaron Burton

[Source: Sciton Inc]

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