Basal cell carcinoma is a slow-growing, locally invasive malignant skin tumor which mainly affects Caucasians. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and radiotherapists jointly manage this disease, which usually involves surgery and surgical intervention and thus, is not without risks. Excision of basal cell carcinoma from the facial area often involves reconstructive surgery, which can be time consuming and expensive. Hence an alternative, safe and efficacious method of treatment of basal cell carcinoma that does not require an attending physician or hospital visit is not only preferred but is also a cheaper and, more importantly, much safer alternative.

[Robert Gadimian of Rophe Pharma] says the good news is that recently a novel topical natural treatment has surfaced and it has many advantages over the currently used skin cancer therapies. The treatment is a topical cream that contains an eggplant extract called BEC5.