Astron Clinica offers MoleMate, a handheld scanner that detects skin cancer at its early stage.

MoleMate is currently available to patients in Scotland. With MoleMate, physicians screen and evaluate moles within seconds and determine whether it is cancerous or harmless. 

According to the company, MoleMate is painless and non-invasive. It uses light wave technology to penetrate 2mm beneath the surface of the skin. Potentially harmful changes in color, blood flow, the skin pigment melanin and collagen is detected from the differences in the light waves that return.

MoleMate comes with software that uses the SIAscopy skin imaging technology to scan and visualize hemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin, and collagen up to 2mm under the skin. An easy-to-use decision support system asks the medical professional questions about features in the haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin, and collagen images that are displayed on the screen. A Hunter Scoring System helps detect many types of suspicious lesions at their early stages.

For more information, visit www.astronclinica.com/products/molemate.htm.