When I think about the topic of “anti-aging,” my mind often goes back to an exchange I had with my mom in high school. I was running out the door for soccer practice on a sky-blue day and admittedly ignoring my mom’s request to put on sunscreen. On my way out, she handed me the bottle and said, “You’ll thank me when you’re older,” but instead of putting it on, I threw it in my gym bag with my cleats and neglected to apply it the rest of the day. That evening, I came home with a bright-red sunburn that made me miserable for the next few days. I knew sunburns equate to skin damage, but I never really thought I’d  have to face wrinkles or repercussions one day.

While I can’t undo the sun damage of my past, fortunately, there’s so much more information and so many more products around now, like OleHenriksen’s Three Little Wonders, that address anti-aging than there was when I was a teenager. In recent years, I’ve used this information to take a more holistic approach to fighting the most common causes of aging: inadequate sleep, a lax skincare regimen, bad foods, and lack of exercise. Here’s how I make sure to incorporate small, age-fighting changes into my daily routine—so that I can age as gracefully as my (sunscreen-wearing) mom has: