As a beauty therapist with more than 25 years’ experience, I’m used to my clients confiding in me some of their most intimate secrets.

Rather like a hairdresser, the hour – sometimes more – I spend administering treatments helps form an intimate bond.

Marital woes, job pressures and money troubles, I’ve heard them all, and it is my job to lend a sympathetic, non-judgmental ear, and never breathe a word to anyone.

In recent years though, I’ve noticed a recurring complaint that’s started to worry me: many of the women I see regularly said the physical intimacy had all but disappeared from their relationships.

In most cases, many of them just didn’t seem to feel like making love – or to use the words of one particular client: “I can’t remember when the mood last took me,” reports the Daily Mail.

Another woman – a thirty-something beauty – told me that even when she tried to summon up interest, her husband didn’t read the signals.

It left me profoundly puzzled. After all, these were successful, healthy women who kept themselves in good shape. Some were only in their late 20s, so this wasn’t a case of midlife malaise.

Before long, I spotted something they all had in common. They’d all been having Botox injections for years, some more than they needed.