Steve Byrd, MD, a Dallas-based plastic surgeon, has developed the EBMF, or endoscopic brow/mid-face lift, which achieves a natural look with no visible scarring.

"My patients are enthusiastic about this procedure," says Byrd. "The EBMF not only offers the rejuvenation they’re seeking, it does so in a way that’s less invasive than a traditional face lift. My Dallas clients are particularly happy to learn that the EBMF results in nearly invisible scars that are hidden in their scalp."

"The EBMF is a great choice men and women who are concerned about the effects of time and gravity on their face" continues Byrd. "Combined with a good skin care regimen, the EBMF helps restore a youthful look to patients who are concerned that they look older than they feel. Many just want an outward appearance that reflects the vitality they feel on the inside regardless of their age."

Because the EBMF in less invasive and poses fewer risks than traditional facelifts, patients are ready to go home the morning following surgery. Many patients also appreciate the fact that there’s less chance of hair loss and nerve damage which have been associated with large incision face procedures.

According to Byrd, the consultation is key to discovering whether the EBMF is the right procedure for a particular patient. Several factors must be taken into consideration, and a thorough, open doctor-patient discussion is the right approach to decision-making.

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