Blossom Innovations LLC, a Boston-based emerging medical technology company specializing in dermatology, announces that its S3Inject platform was awarded the Innovation of the Year Award at the recent 2020 International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS) World Congress, held in Paris, France.

During the competition, dubbed as the “IMCAS Shark Tank” and held on January 31, representatives from 14 companies chosen among the many entries from innovators in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery, skincare, and aesthetic science presented their products. The winning product was then chosen based on an expert jury (panel) vote.

Blossom’s winning innovation, S3Inject, is described by the company as a first-in-class safety innovation – a “smart” sensing needle which alerts the user when the needle has entered a blood vessel as dermal fillers are being injected into target areas. Through this proprietary platform, aesthetic professionals have the potential to eliminate the risk of intra-arterial dermal filler injections, thereby reducing the risk of adverse events such as necrosis, and in severe cases, blindness, the company explains in a media release.

“It doesn’t come as any surprise that Blossom would achieve this recognition at this year’s IMCAS,” New York-based Marina Peredo, MD, a worldwide expert and dermatology clinician specializing in advanced aesthetic medicine, comments in the media release.

“With the growing numbers of aesthetic patients and medical professional injectors worldwide, innovation that results in our ability to improve on dermal fillers’ safety would be a major advance to aesthetic practices worldwide. The smart needle is a revolutionary breakthrough technology that will provide all injectors a safer injection technique by eliminating the fear of vascular occlusion for our patients,” she adds.

“We are very pleased with the recognition of our S3Inject platform at IMCAS, a breakthrough innovation in the Blossom pipeline, solving a major clinical need,” Irina Erenburg, President & Chief Executive Officer of Blossom Innovations, states. “We believe that the merits of our interdisciplinary science, celebrated with this Innovation of the Year achievement, affirms the novel approaches of our expert development team and the vision of Blossom as tomorrow’s innovator in aesthetic medicine delivery.”

Blossom is rapidly advancing its development of the S3Inject platform and anticipates clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration in late 2020, the company shares in the release.

[Source(s): Blossom Innovations, PR Newswire]