by Ann Hynek

A sluggish economy hasn’t phased the antiaging industry. Last year, Americans spent $10.1 billion on cosmetic procedures and the age group leading the trend was not the 78-million-strong Baby Boomer generation, but Generation X.

According to a study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), adults between the ages of 31 and 45 accounted for 43% of all cosmetic procedures in 2010, while baby boomers (ages of 51 and 64), made up just 28%.

Leo McCafferty, MD, president elect of the ASAPS, says the trend can be attributed to more readily available information about products and cosmetic surgery. Television commercials, magazine ads, and literature in dermatologists’ offices and spas frequently feature information about new, less-invasive cosmetic procedures. And, as technology improves, so does the emphasis on patient safety. 

“We have more of these types of procedures available today than we did 10 years ago,” he says. “Non-invasive methods such as Botox and Juvéderm have no downtime. When it comes to surgery and other facial rejuvenation procedures, technology now allows us to make smaller incisions. It’s also more of a lifestyle decision these days, beyond exercise and nutrition.”


[Source: Fox Business News]