Cardium Therapeutics’ Excellagen® has been named one of the top 10 podiatry innovations in 2012 by Podiatry Today magazine. The Company plans to roll out the collagen-based wound healing product at the upcoming American Podiatric Medical Association National Meeting in Washington, DC.

In the article, Podiatry Today calls Excellagen, "a new topical gel may help foster improved healing in chronic wounds." Excellagen is an FDA-approved highly-purified formulated collagen topical gel. It is engineered for debridement and platelet activation and to support a favorable wound healing environment for non-healing lower extremity diabetic ulcers and other skin wounds. The gel is applied topically via pre-filled, sterile, single use syringes at only one or two week intervals. One syringe containing 0.5 cubic centimeters (cc) of Excellagen covers wounds up to 5cm2 in size using the supplied 24-gauge sterile, single-use flexible applicator tip.

Excellagen is for professional use following standard debridement procedures in the presence of blood cells and platelets. Cardium conducted additional studies showing that Excellagen can activate platelets to trigger the release of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF). For more information on this product, visit the website here.