Galderma has launched FACE by Galderma™, an aesthetic visualization tool powered by augmented reality (AR) that allows aesthetic professionals and patients to visualize injectable treatment results at the planning stage before treatment begins. This technology gives patients a simulated real-time “before and after” visual of what may be possible from an individualized treatment plan and may help alleviate patient concerns about injectable results.

Erick Brenner, Galderma’s vice president and general manager of U.S. aesthetics, spoke out about the launch, commenting: “We created FACE by Galderma as part of our commitment to supporting aesthetic professionals and patients on their aesthetic journey.”

“With the real-time, simulated injectable results feature, patients can see how injectable treatments, such as Restylane® and Sculptra®, might enhance or restore facial features before ever undergoing treatment,” Brenner adds. “We believe that by delivering a holistic approach to individualized care, we can empower patients to move ahead with their treatment plan with added confidence.”

FACE by Galderma allows for a fully interactive consultation process between the aesthetic practitioner and patient. With the tool’s assessment, the aesthetic practitioner can evaluate the patient’s face, including skin quality, facial shape, facial proportion and contour, facial symmetry, and animated and emotional expression. The aesthetic professional can use the simulation to identify and tailor an individualized treatment plan to respond to the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals. FACE by Galderma features augmented reality to simulate a patient’s potential injectable results using products from the company’s aesthetic portfolio.

The tool acts as a patient passport, allowing patients to access and view their individual patient profile from home. 

“Patients come to my practice for a consultation because they are interested in an aesthetic injectable procedure, and they often have questions and are apprehensive about how the procedure will turn out and whether it will look natural and address their wrinkles,” says Aleksandra Bielawiec, DNP, NP, a nurse practitioner and aesthetic master injector at Regency Medical Spa & Hair Clinic in Barrington, Ill., and a paid Galderma consultant.

“The advanced technology available via the new FACE by Galderma tool provides my patients with a simulation of their outcome in advance of the procedure, which should help alleviate their concerns and build trust,” she concludes.