Seattle-based plastic surgeon Javad Sajan, MD—aka: realdrseattle—is touting his approach to breast augmentation, which involves a multi-plane breast fat transfer technique. Instead of transfering fat into only the subcutaneous tissues, Sajan places transferred fat into four distinct planes: under the muscle, into the muscle, above the muscle, and into the glands. This reduces fat loss that occurs and creates a more natural looking appearance.

Sajan also places the fat through the underarm. Traditionally, fat is transferred through the breasts, but using a transaxillary access point allows easy access to all four planes and Sajan believes minimizes fat loss. “An additional benefit is that fat transfer to the breasts is combinable with other procedures such as a tummy tuck and mommy makeover,” Sajan says.

So, how many cup sizes can patients gain with fat transfer? It depends on the amount of fat transferred and how much ultimately survives, Sajan says. With his multi-plane technique, he says patients see an increase of between two and three cup sizes on average. “Fat breast augmentation is also ideal for smaller breast enhancements that implants cannot address,” Sajan adds.