In the past, many Americans were not willing to admit to having aesthetic plastic surgery. Today, however, the procedures are accepted. A recent report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that 79% of men and 82% of women would not be embarrassed if someone beyond their close network of friends and family found out that they had undergone aesthetic plastic surgery.

Recent television shows have popularized drastic makeovers using aesthetic surgery. However, some plastic surgeons say that the shows may give patients false expectations. Plastic surgeons Valerie Ablaza, MD, and Allen Rosen, MD, of Montclair, NJ, remind the public that balance and safety are key factors in satisfaction with aesthetic procedures.

Ablaza and Rosen say patients should make sure they choose a board- certified physician when seeking a consultation for aesthetic procedures. They add that “ultimate” makeovers sometimes portrayed on television are often so dramatic that patients don’t look like themselves anymore. While the “shock” factor may look good for the television audience, it is too drastic a change for most people. The plastic surgeons recommend smaller, more subtle changes and a healthy lifestyle for a balanced, more natural look.

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