The energy-based product, which uniquely combines hydro-exfoliation and thermo-lifting technology, enables doctors to treat all parts of a patient’s face and body in one medical spa sitting.

By Tonya Johnson

As the company continues to build upon its global expansion, Neauvia North America introduced Zaffiro, Neauvia Devices in the United States for the very first time – along with its Medical-grade Advanced Care System created to complement the professional aesthetic energy-based treatment. Zaffiro uniquely combines two powerful modalities into one: hydro-exfoliation – which improves the skin’s clarity and glow – and thermo-lift technology – which lifts and tightens by improving the health of existing collagen.

The brand is selecting and developing product items for its line to formulate regimens that will stimulate, restore, rejuvenate, and support a patient’s daily skin health through these energy-based devices, so they can put their best face forward, as Michelle Lee, executive vice president of Neauvia North America, describes.

Before (l) and after (r) results from a Zaffiro facial treatment.

“When Neauvia developed Zaffiro, it didn’t want to just design a skin toning device, or just design a hydroxylation device,” she says. “It put them together to provide a more effective treatment plan for patients – where you are resurfacing their skin and renewing the upper dermal layer – getting that immediate glow, skin tightening, and beauty; while you are also stimulating the skin health in the deep dermal layer – that is maintaining the big picture and making the long-term difference in skin improvement. We are really working to educate customers on how to take care of their skin, through a more holistic approach, from the inside out.”

Zaffiro, Neavia Devices combines hydro-exfoliation and thermo-lifting in one treatment.

Neauvia reported that an in vivo clinical trial showed up to a 40% increase in fibroblasts 21 days after one Zaffiro treatment. And in the same trial, a heightened level of CD31 indicated a lasting increase in angiogenesis 21 days post treatment.

In Europe, Neauvia is a well-known brand. With a manufacturing location based in Poland, the company, which will move its headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland, also has facilities in Italy, Germany, and France. It all started back in 2012, with the launch of Neauvia Organic, using new production techniques with the purest form of hyaluronic acid (HA), from Bacillus subtilis, to make the dermal fillers stand out as the new generation of products. In addition to its purity, the advantages of the B. subtilis ingredient offer a pre-determined molecular mass with the possibility to apply high HA concentration and a longer shelf life, says the company. Prior to making the Zaffiro treatment available to cosmetic and plastic surgery practices in America, the product had been sold to doctors in other parts of the world since 2015.

“It’s about brand recognition and getting the word out here in the states, because unless you’ve attended a conference in Europe, most people don’t know about Neauvia,” says Jeff Wells, regional sales director – east, Neauvia North America. “We’re excited to be in the biggest aesthetic market in the world, bringing Neauvia to the attention of everyone.”


Plastic surgeons and dermatologists alike, who are currently using the Zaffiro, Neauvia Devices, tell Wells that they love the product. A Smart light delivers a wide range of wavelengths to support a variety of patient skin types and focus on sensitive areas. Doctors can customize treatment formulas for hydration, anti-aging, soothing, brightening, acne treatment, and hair nourishment.

Amy B. Lewis, MD, serving the Upper East Side of New York City, says there are so many devices to choose from these days, so when it comes to the types of medical spa services provided, you typically have to decide on what areas of treatment you want to target. It was during her time as chief resident at the State University of New York Health and Science Center in Brooklyn, when she became more fascinated with the interventional world of cosmetic treatments. With a background in dermatological laser and reconstructive surgery, the current clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine is a longtime consultant for some of the biggest brands in the laser industry. Now, she stands by Neauvia’s Zaffiro as well.

“If you buy CoolSculpting, you’re not doing anything for the face, just body sculpting. And other machines designed for the face and neck are not that great for the body,” she notes. Lewis strongly believes that Zaffiro, Neauvia Devices provide a more practical solution for the money you’re spending. 

The Zaffiro technology allows practitioners to treat all parts of a patient’s face and body.

“What’s nice about something like this device is that you can treat all parts of the face and body, including the arms, legs, stomach, back, and knees,” she explains. “Using the same machine in the same sitting, a doctor can easily include any add-on treatments to a patient’s package – like the hands and neck. If you’re just starting out or on a limited budget, this machine is a great value and will give you a lot more options.”

Additional key features of Zaffiro, Neauvia Devices include:

Adjustable pressure. Precise control of water-peeling pressure enables treating multiple areas. Control over pressure enables treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, and infuse treatment formulas.

Hydration. Thorough hydration of the skin improves moisture and prepares the skin for optimized thermo-lifting results.

Smart glass. Sapphire glass does not absorb energy, ensuring full energy is delivered for consistent results and reduced risk of burns.

Smart cooling. Controls skin temperature during treatments allowing for higher energy delivery while maintaining patient comfort and safety. Cooling improves capillary elasticity and reduces redness and erythema.

Treatment gel. Designed to allow for higher energy delivery while maintaining patient comfort and safety.

While others underestimate the importance of beauty products and devices, Lee adds, “Building confidence in the way that people look and feel about themselves through these treatments is the most rewarding part of what we do.”

Tonya Johnson is associate editor of Plastic Surgery Practice