Forget Botox.

Snail slime is the hottest new thing celebrities are injecting into their face.

It’s no joke.

It’s a trademarked procedure called the “EscarGlow” facial. It promises to reverse sun damage, brighten skin and reduce signs of aging.

“What we do first is mix the snail slime with a hyaluronic acid,” said Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon. “We put that on the face and we will microneedle on that.”

And it’s not a painless procedure.

“It’s a really easy procedure,” said medical aesthetician Amanda Sanzone.  Patients “will feel a little bit of pain but with the numbing cream we’ve applied first it’s very bearable.”

Expect your face to look red immediately after treatment.  That typically goes away by the next day, and three to six treatments are recommended.