Eve Pearl Beauty Brands joins the digital beauty revolution via a partnership with makeup and beauty platform Perfect365. Pearl will demonstrate the app, and recreate the looks in person, during the IMATS show in New York City.

Via the partnership, users of the Perfect365 app will have the opportunity to explore makeup looks designed by Eve Pearl, available in the “Brands” category. Users can do this via a selfie in the photo makeup section and/or live using their smartphone camera in the live makeup section of the app, according to a media release from Bella PR.

Eve Pearl Beauty Brands founder Eve Pearl is a five-time Emmy award winner, beauty authority, and author of Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Technique. She has 2 decades of experience as a makeup professional in television, film, theatre, and print, and her television appearances feature “How To” makeovers, and lifestyle and beauty trends.

“I believe we all deserve to look our best. Everything I create is with purpose. My products and tools are all designed to work together. Combining Perfect365 cutting edge technology with my beauty techniques create faster, more effective results to simplify our lives,” says Pearl, in the release.

“Eve Pearl is an amazing artist and businesswomen. Her brand is well recognized in the beauty industry and in high demand with makeup lovers. Our partnership is another testament to the evolution of the beauty industry and the widespread adoption of digital beauty,” states Vickie Wei, director of marketing at Perfect365.

“We are introducing brands like Eve Pearl to a massive online audience with digital makeup try-ons,” Wei adds.

The Perfect365 app is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, and Windows 8 devices.

[Source(s): Bella PR, Business Wire]