According to a study conducted in March, by the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM), women are concerned about their safety when choosing a plastic surgeon who will perform their aesthetic procedure.

The study surveyed women across the US, ages 21-60, on their perception of various aesthetic medicine procedures. The results showed that 78% of women rated medical credentials as very important when choosing a plastic surgeon.

Another interesting find was that most women surveyed prefer to have aesthetic medical treatments in a medical environment versus a spa-like environment.

"Most physicians are tired of declining reimbursements and increasing work hours, and have considered adding aesthetic medicine procedures and dermal filler injections, laser hair removal, leg vein treatments, physician-directed skin care products and medical-grade chemical peels to their practice," says Jeff Russell, executive-director of IAPAM. "This study is the first to confirm consumer demand exists and that the public wants most of these procedures done by a physician."

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