The_PSF_GrantCareCredit awarded a $15,000 grant to The Plastic Surgery Foundation’s(PSF) Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Fund.

This is the second year in a row that CareCredit has supported the BRA Fund, a group that supports surgical care expenses of uninsured and underinsured women seeking reconstructive surgery following treatment for breast cancer. The new grant provides $15,000 to assist one or more patients in a low-to-moderate income household in Salt Lake City or Newark, NJ. Any patient who meets requirements may qualify for assistance, which is provided by the BRA Fund through a community-based organization.

“Many uninsured and underinsured women diagnosed with breast cancer may not be informed of their reconstructive options,” says  Seattle plastic surgeon Nicholas B. Vedder MD, president of the PSF. “We thank CareCredit for their generous support to help women with breast cancer, who are in need of financial assistance, gain access to necessary, quality-of-life-enhancing healthcare services that they otherwise could not afford.”