By Joyce Sunila

Search engine optimization (SEO)can make the difference between a website that’s rarely visited and one that bustles with traffic.

You’re probably paying your webmaster or SEO company lots of money to get your website to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing searches. But did you know that just sending email newsletters can help boost your search engine rankings?

Archiving Makes All the Difference

Each issue of an e-newsletter focuses on some aspect of your business. This means it’s probably full of relevant key phrases that people use in searches. The more often key phrases are reiterated on your website, the better you do in the SEO race.

Also, articles give you an opportunity to link to specific pages deep in your website with anchor text. (Anchor text is the text of the actual link. For instance, if you want people to find your web page on Cellulaze, the link Cellulaze is much better for SEO than click here.)
If your website isn’t very large, adding your archived newsletters can provide more high-quality content. Before you know it, you may find that you’re attracting visitors in ways you never expected.

Case Study: The Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue published an email newsletter detailing their innovative treatment for the horse disease equine cushings. Their web stats show that the web page with the article is now one of the most frequent “entry” pages on their site.

You can leave it to chance, like the equine rescue center, or you can take a proactive approach and optimize your newsletter articles now:

1. First, add links to all of your important website pages to your e-newsletter template.

2. Have your copywriter use best SEO copywriting practices while writing your articles. These enhance your article page’s SEO. The most common SEO copywriting practices include:

• Using your key phrase in the title tag
• Including links to several past issues
• Linking to regular pages within your site, if appropriate
• Listing all issues on a Back Issues web page
• Linking to issues on your site map.

Email newsletter articles can continually benefi your web marketing efforts long after their initial distribution date.

Joyce Sunila is the president of Practice Helpers, providing e-newsletters, blogs and social media services to aesthetic practices. You can contact Joyce at [email protected] or visit the Practice Helpers website at