Strathspey Crown Holdings (“SCH-AEON LLC”), announced today that it has reached an agreement in principle with ALPHAEON Corporation (“ALPHAEON”) to acquire the ShoutMD social media platform in its entirety, including all technology and intellectual property rights.

The transaction is subject to the final approval of the ALPHAEON Board of Directors and certain key shareholders. Once the acquisition is closed, Strathspey Crown Holdings will sub-license ShoutMD on a non-exclusive basis to the World Physicians Organization (“WPO”), a multi-specialty physicians organization and accreditation body affiliated with Strathspey Crown.

Robert E. Grant, Chairman of Strathspey Crown, said, “ShoutMD was originally co-created by the physician investors of Strathspey Crown Holdings. As ALPHAEON narrows it portfolio focus to medical aesthetics, these same physician shareholders will be well served by the platform residing within Strathspey Crown.

ShoutMD was intended to provide a free voice to the doctors, many of whom feel stifled by overregulation and various reimbursement pressures.”

Vik Malik, Managing Partner of Strathspey Crown, commented, “We remain dedicated to the Strathspey motto and vision:  “Of Doctors, for Patients.’  In partnership with WPO, we will expand our existing activities to further benefit doctors and patients including: physician advocacy and government affairs, business education, community leverage and awareness.”