BeautyFix announces the launch of their new Aesthetics Simulation technology, accessible on any device or web browser. This technology initiates a high-tech patient experience that allows potential clients to simulate their aesthetic results using software developed by digital health company EntityMed. This Aesthetics Simulation software is a clinical-grade, tech-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) simulator for injectables available in the U.S. market and has been tested on more than 10,000 patients. 

By uploading a picture to the app, or by taking a photo in one of their in-clinic kiosks, clients can adjust and envision what they’ll look like by adding dermal fillers and/or toxins to various areas of the face. They will also be able to visualize an increase or decrease in any number of syringes in real-time—without having to be injected first. 

“This exclusive technology will enable BeautyFix Medspa to not only digitally connect with clients and address any fears or inhibitions, but also provide incredibly realistic images of desired results,” says Maya Benayoun, co-CEO of BeautyFix Medspa. “The partnership with EntityMed demonstrates our commitment to being the most technologically advanced med spa in the U.S, while providing an exceptional, seamless customer service experience for our patients.” 

For clients who have fears of looking unnatural, this technology provides a realistic visualization of a patient’s post-treatment appearance in just 30 seconds, using a sophisticated set of AI algorithms. This software will support BeautyFix’s team of clinicians to visually demonstrate to patients what different amounts of filler or toxin may be needed to produce the results they desire. 

“Our state-of-the-art technology was developed by aesthetic professionals—for aesthetic professionals,” says Lior Yadin, CEO of EntityMed. “By partnering with BeautyFix Medspa, we are able to usher in a new era for injectables in America by uniting our AI simulator with their all-star team of certified medical professionals.”