Customer marketing service eRelevance Corporation announces the release of its new study: The State of Aesthetic Healthcare Marketing 2017.

The report—based on survey results from more than 100 US aesthetic healthcare practices—includes key insights into aesthetic healthcare practices’ marketing attitudes, goals, tactics and results.

eRelevance, in partnership with Modern Aesthetics, commissioned the survey to better understand how today’s aesthetic healthcare practices are approaching marketing.

“Aesthetic healthcare practices that want to thrive in today’s competitive environment must find a way to reach the most qualified consumers, with the most relevant messages, in the most cost-effective way. Most practices, through the survey, acknowledge the best way to do that is by generating more repeat business from their existing patients,” says eRelevance Chief Marketing Officer Adam Weinroth. “We found that while most of the practices surveyed are aware of the unmatched benefits of effectively marketing to their existing patients, they simply don’t have the resources or expertise to execute the kind of sophisticated marketing campaigns necessary to effectively reach their patients for business growth.”

Several notable themes emerged from the data, but key takeaways include:

? Strong patient connections and education are necessary for revenue generation and growth: While primary revenue sources vary among aesthetic practices, repeat business from existing patients and patient referrals were cited as the two largest sources of revenue. Key to both is strong patient connections.

? Practices are far from satisfied with marketing results: Nearly 60 percent of respondents cited lack of results (30%) and lack of measurement (28%) as the chief reasons for dissatisfaction with their marketing efforts.

? No practice surveyed focuses exclusively on repeat business from its patients but practices recognize its value: None of the practices surveyed focus marketing exclusively on generating repeat business from existing patients despite clear benefits and cost efficiencies. According to respondents, this is due to limited time and expertise.

? Practices see benefits to outsourcing patient marketing to an expert: While 92% of respondents said they are executing patient marketing internally, 60% said they would consider outsourcing to a proven expert.

The State of Healthcare Marketing 2017 report is a valuable tool to help aesthetic practices gauge how sophisticated their marketing efforts are relative to those of their peers and to identify opportunities for change, growth and better results,” says Modern Aesthetics Editorial Director Paul Winnington.

[Source: eRelevance Corporation]