The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has unveiled its annual Global Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures during the ISAPS Olympiad Athens World Congress 2023. The study indicates a significant uptick in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, reporting an 11.2% overall increase in 2022. The data reveals that plastic surgeons performed more than 14.9 million surgical and 18.8 million non-surgical procedures worldwide last year.

Moreover, the four-year trend in the report is striking: a whopping 41.3% increase in aesthetic surgeries since 2019. Both categories—surgical and non-surgical—saw year-over-year growth rates of 16.7% and 7.2%, respectively. Particularly noteworthy is the 57.8% surge in non-surgical procedures over the last four years, according to the ISAPS.

Most Popular Procedures

Liposuction held its position as the most popular surgical procedure in 2022, accounting for more than 2.3 million procedures—a 21.1% jump from the previous year. Currently, the top five surgical procedures are liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty, and breast lift, the last of which replaced rhinoplasty in the rankings. For non-surgical interventions, Botox and hyaluronic acid continue to dominate, with chemical peels breaking into the top five.

Gender-Specific Procedures

Breast augmentation remains the leading choice for women, with a marked 29% increase from 2021, totaling 2.2 million procedures. Collectively, breast procedures saw a 25% increase year-over-year, involving more than 4.4 million procedures.

Emerging Aesthetics Trends

Butt augmentation experienced the largest growth, with a 56.8% increase, totaling 820,762 procedures. Overall, procedures targeting the body and extremities rose by 25.3%. Meanwhile, face and head procedures retained their popularity but showed a more modest growth of 4.3%. Notably, liposuction overtook eyelid surgery as the most popular surgical procedure among men.