Progenitor Biologics LLC announces that its DefenAge Skincare line of anti-aging skincare products has been named “Non-Surgical Innovator of the Year” by the The Aesthetic Channel’s TAG! You’re IT! Aesthetic Awards, powered by Dermatology Times.

DefenAge is reportedly the only skincare company, among all other winners, to receive the TAG! You ‘re IT! Award in 2018, according to a news release from the company.

“The TAG! You’re IT! Award shines a spotlight on influencers and innovators in aesthetic medicine who are shaping the future of the industry,” says Amy Ammon, Publisher of Dermatology Times.

DefenAge was recognized, among more than 200 submissions in 12 nominations reviewed by UBM and The Aesthetic Channel’s editorial advisory board, for its proprietary Age-Repair Defensin technology. The winner in each category was determined by eight judges, who are key thought leaders in medical aesthetics.


“DefenAge redefined traditional skin care and especially anti-aging skin care, the way how skin ‘re-youthening’ can be triggered,” comments Progenitor Biologics’ CEO, Nikolay Turovets, PhD, in the release. “Our team is extremely proud to be recognized by such a prestigious resource as The Aesthetic Channel.”

Scientifically backed and clinically proven, DefenAge is dedicated to driving innovation to effectively address global signs of aging. The line’s key ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins, is proven to reduce visible wrinkles and pore size, improve skin tone and evenness and decrease skin oiliness in just six weeks.

Defensins are a type of antimicrobial peptide that play an important role in the protection and treatment of skin cells by activating Lgr6+ stem cells, which are known to heal and repair the skin during wound healing. Because aging and wound healing share similar genetic and cellular pathways, researchers believe that stimulating these stem cells with the peptide may also effectively treat skin deterioration and damage from UV exposure, inflammation and oxidative stress—all harbingers of skin aging, the release explains.

[Source: Kelz PR]