HealFast Inc, a physician-run nutraceuticals company with offices in New York and Los Angeles that specializes in advanced nutritional solutions to medical conditions, announces the development of a turnkey distribution model for all partnering physicians offering its Surgical & Injury Recovery Support Program in North America.

While many physicians today successfully incorporate HealFast into their practice’s enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols, HealFast now offers a new turnkey approach that handles nearly all inventory management and patient delivery, while maintaining traditional wholesale benefits for physician practices.

The US-manufactured supplement touts an all-in-one formulation of premium bioavailable ingredients that have been shown to support perioperative recovery with ingredients demonstrated in human clinical trials to augment healing, reduce inflammation, swelling, scarring, and aid in pain control, and reduce complication rates for surgical patients.


Dr Myro Figura, MD, chief medical officer at HealFast Inc, underscores that, “Athletes seek nutrition for post-workout recovery when handling tissue microtears, why shouldn’t surgery patients do the same for what would be macro-tears? The science is conclusive. Many nutritional agents have been shown to be safe and effective, with minimum side effect profile. Our patients love when our physician partners take an extra step towards ensuring their recovery and protecting their work. Today we make this process even easier for our doctors.”

HealFast Surgical Recovery Supplement provides all nutritional elements necessary to support a successful perioperative recovery in a simple, easy-to-take tablet form, the company suggests in a media release.

HealFast removes the guesswork by leveraging premium-grade nutrients backed by research evidence from over 200 scientific publications to help reduce complications, aid recovery, and minimize interactions with common medications and perioperative anesthetics.

“It’s exciting to hear how well our physician clients’ patients are doing with this formula, and how much of an extra boost our products provide to the doctors’ offices. Now we’ve taken the traditional model and made it even easier so doctors and staff can focus more of their time on the patients and less on inventory management,” states HealFast Partner Justin Samra.

“At HealFast, we believe in American-made quality you can trust. Our formulations undergo a stringent manufacturing process and are triple tested for quality. We make products as if they were for our family. Because that’s how this started, with loved ones experiencing recovery complications related to poor nutrition.

“The need for this product is considerable, but rarely discussed in public circles. We’re hoping to change that. And now, we’re ecstatic to announce an even more streamlined way to work with our physician partners.”

[Source: HealFast Inc]