Nonprofit tissue bank Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation is offering the first human dermal tissue graft specifically for facial and body contouring procedures.

BellaDerm, an acellular matrix derived from donated human allograft skin, is in ready-to-use form. According to MTF, it provides “excellent handling characteristics” and is “easily accessible and ready for surgeon selection at all times.” Furthermore, it does not require refrigeration.
The product offers supplemental support in areas of weakness, addressing naturally occurring defects found in areas such as the breast, lips, and face.
 "Now [plastic surgeons] will have an option to use human skin, which provides a more natural choice,” said Michael Kawas, president of MTF’s skin division. “We have gotten a lot of comments about the desirability of implanting ‘like into like’ – in other words, implanting tissue from one human into another.  It seems to be preferable to using animal products or synthetic materials."

BellaDerm skin donors are restricted to those who have given specific consent for their skin to be used for these types of procedures.

[Source: Original press release]