Luma Therapeutics launches the illuvinate System, an FDA-cleared  in-home treatment designed to provide lasting relief from psoriasis symptoms.

The system can now be prescribed either by a dermatologist or via Luma’s telehealth provider, HealthLens, it notes in a media release.

“As a psoriasis sufferer, I knew how important it was to find a better solution than what was currently available,” says founder and CEO Evan Anderson, in the release. “We are pleased that the illuvinate System is now available to help people in California with psoriasis, a condition that often has a serious impact on quality of life. We look forward to launching nationally next year.

The most effective treatment for psoriasis is the Goeckerman Regimen, a 100-year-old proven therapy that results in long periods of remission lasting between 8 months to over a year. However this treatment is only available at a handful of specialized academic centers and often requires multiple day-long clinic visits over a period of weeks, creating barriers to widespread adoption.

Luma Therapeutics has redesigned the key elements of the Goeckerman Regimen to make it available to patients in their own home, the release explains.

“Psoriasis is a chronic condition for which there is no cure, and there is a need for better treatment options. Most available treatments require ongoing compliance in order to achieve optimal results, and many patients are hesitant to consistently use medications, which may have long-term side effects,” states Jeffrey Sugarman, MD, PhD, of Redwood Family Dermatology in Santa Rosa, Calif, and UCSF Health in San Francisco, who serves as Luma Therapeutic’s chief medical officer and principal investigator of studies of the illuvinate System.

“As a result, patients become discouraged and stop seeking treatment from a dermatologist. I believe that the illuvinate System will be a great option for many patients.”

Dr Sugarman’s patient Georgios Kladis participated in the clinical trials of the system.

“I have had psoriasis for many years and have tried all kinds of psoriasis treatments, and none of them worked. The illuvinate System cleared my skin quickly,” Georgios shares, in the release. “Even more exciting was how long my skin stayed clear after the treatment. I like that it does not involve the side effects of a drug and takes just minutes a day in my home. I would recommend it to other people dealing with psoriasis.”

Illuvinate has been demonstrated to reduce local inflammation, rehydrate the skin, and restore normal skin cells. The system includes patented hydrating technology, a narrowband UV LED light system, and a proprietary app-based dosing algorithm. The therapy is applied for just minutes each day over a 6-week period from the comfort and convenience of home.

“We are excited to partner with Luma Therapeutics to offer the illuvinate System to psoriasis patients,” comments Christopher Schmidt, MD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of HealthLens, a multi-specialty telemedicine platform, as well as a clinical faculty member of Stanford University, the release continues.

“Telehealth is the next frontier in medicine, enabling patients easy access to treatments that can dramatically improve their condition and quality of life. Dermatology is uniquely suited to telehealth. In fact, recent research concluded that an online, collaborative health model was as effective as in-person management in improving clinical outcomes among patients with psoriasis.”

[Source(s): Luma Therapeutics, Business Wire]