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As the plastic surgery industry climbs out of the economic recession, one thing becomes clear: Despite disappointing financial performances among some manufacturers in the aesthetic medicine market, the future looks very bright.

In this year’s edition of PSP ’s Buyer’s Guide, we list many of the firms that continue to pioneer and push back boundaries on what is possible in aesthetic technology. Primarily, I want to focus on lasers here, but as you thumb through the book in your hands (or on your screen), the wide range of product categories and varieties of innovation are well represented by these companies and organizations.

The Buyer’s Guide is a premier resource for all practitioners who want to easily locate product vendors and their Web sites. In this edition, we have made subtle aesthetic changes—in typography and layout—to our presentation of companies and products.

Between last year’s Buyer’s Guide and Spring 2011, innovation and technology have marched on undeterred. The atmosphere of inventiveness and invention persists among institutions/organizations and corporations. This bodes well for plastic and cosmetic surgeons. In many cases, aesthetic practitioners are the ones who are inventing and innovating.


[Source: PSP]