AlloSource announces the launch of AlloMend Extra-Large (XL) Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM), the newest addition to the AlloMend product line.  

AlloMend XL ADM is the company’s largest dermal graft. It comes in meshed and non-meshed varieties with a footprint of 320cm2 (16cm x 20cm) for use in demanding soft tissue applications. The flexible and pliable material offers desired handling characteristics enabling precision placement. 

“Based on AlloSource’s 27 years of manufacturing skin grafts, we have seen surgeons switch to new reconstruction techniques, which requires larger dermal grafts for single piece coverage,” said Dr. Ross Wilkins, AlloSource Senior Medical Director. “AlloMend XL was created with the purpose to help surgeons provide better options for outcomes for their patients.”

Specifically meshed AlloMend XL ADM features a 1cm non-meshed border for secure and easy suturing. Additionally, meshing allows graft expansion to provide greater adaptability in reconstruction procedures. The increased surface area assists in potentially faster incorporation and enables increased fluid egress possibly guarding against seroma formation.

The entire AlloMend product line is processed with AlloSource’s proprietary DermaTrue Decellularization Process to remove cellular debris (including DNA, RNA, proteins and antigens) rendering the tissue acellular. In addition, it is sterilized with e-beam technology to a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 to minimize infection risk, while avoiding damage to the allograft tissue. 

[Source(s): AlloSource, PR Newswire]