PolarityTE Inc reports the recent publication of two peer-reviewed manuscripts involving the application of SkinTE. One was a pilot study of diabetic foot ulcers, and the other was a 15-patient case series evaluating multiple wound types.

The company’s diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) pilot study, titled, “Complete wound closure following a single topical application of a novel autologous homologous skin construct: first evaluation in an open-label, single-arm feasibility study in diabetic foot ulcers” was published in the International Wound Journal.

The study’s primary endpoint was the rate of closure at 12 weeks following SkinTE treatment.

According to the abstract, “All 11 DFUs demonstrated successful graft take. Ten DFUs closed within 8 weeks. The median time-to-complete closure was 25 days.” P

PolarityTE is currently conducting a multi-center randomized controlled trial to further evaluate the use of SkinTE in DFUs.

The second study, titled, “Autologous Homologous Skin Constructs Allow Safe Closure of Wounds” was published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open.

The retrospective, noncontrolled, 15-patient case series evaluated various wound etiologies, including five acute and chronic, four acute traumatic, and six chronic wounds.

According to the publication, “All wounds were closed with a single application of AHSC manufactured from a single tissue harvest.”

Source9s): PolarityTE, Business Wire]