Sound Surgical Technologies (Louisville, Colo) has unveiled a new technology called MedSculpt, a combination of  ultrasound technology and massage system in one unit. The device is intended for use in body contouring and cellulite treatments.

The firm last week said that the unit is the only system that has a specific lymphatic massage component with specialized elastomeric membranes and a  patented massage sequence to enhance circulation.

The computerized system comes with handpieces for elastomeric massage, ultrasound physiotherapy, and zonal massage. By stimulating the subcutaneous tissues pre- and post-liposuction procedures, MedSculpt can:loosen the fatty tissue matrix and relax the patient prior to infiltration, improve lymphatic and venous circulation, smooth out contour irregularities, and minimize postoperative pain and swelling, according to the company.

"Liposuction with MedSculpt is a much more effective treatment. Performing liposuction alone sometimes  results in bumps and uneven areas. MedSculpt definitely prevents these occurrences. The system restores a  more natural appearance to the skin. The surface becomes more even and irregularities are smoothed out.  Everything in our business is about results. With MedSculpt I am achieving better results, which has led to more satisfied patients," says Dr. Stein Tveten, a plastic surgeon with clinics in Germany and Norway.

The MedSculpt device has been FDA-cleared for use in the US.

[Source: Sound Surgical Technologies]