By Joyce Sunila

You’ve probably heard about the value of co-marketing with businesses in your locality.  And maybe you’re already doing it: co-sponsoring events with hair salons and  day spas; getting referrals from bariatric surgeons or exchanging lists with permanent make-up studios.

What’s great about these arrangements (besides the extra income) is how grounding it is to be in touch with other small business owners. After all, it can get lonely being a sole proprietor. When you touch base with your co-marketers, it’s a blast of warmth and a “safety in numbers” feeling of security.

Maximize the Warmth

Anything that feels that good should be maximized. So here are some ideas for businesses you could join forces with:

  • ·             Nutritionists
  • ·         Exercise physiologists
  • ·         Wellness doctors
  • ·         High-end optometrists
  • ·         Speaker’s bureaus
  • ·         Women’s networking groups
  • ·         Public speaking coaches
  • ·         Media coaches
  • ·         Dance studios
  • ·         Hair restoration specialists
  • ·         Wig retailers
  • ·         Osteopaths
  • ·         Anti-Smoking clinics

They all cater to your market: proactive women with high standards for their looks. Brainstorm with these folks about how you could help each other out. Examples:

Anti-Smoking Clinics – When you educate prospects about the negative impact smoking has on facial rejuvenation surgery, recommend a good anti-smoking clinic.Turn this into a mutual arrangement by showing anti-smoking caseworkers what you can do for people with prematurely aged skin due to smoking.

Nutritionists – A reputable nutritionist could send you clients who’d successfully completed their diet regimens but could not get rid of intractable fat deposits. In return, you could recommend their services to obese patients who don’t qualify for liposuction …yet.

High-End Optometrists – These professionals are natural conduits to patients in need of eye rejuvenation. Since the lenses they sell magnify eyes, revealing their imperfections to the world, their patients will be highly motivated. Show these providers what you can do for crepey upper lids and  hollow lower lids.. Co-sponsor educational events with them focusing on “The Aging Eye – Form and Function.” Capture email addresses at these events and share the lists.

Dance Studios – Do you have an Arthur Murray Dance Studio in your area? Most of their customers are 50+ women who haven’t given up on having fun. Since ballroom dances require formal arm positions that are cruel to women with flabby arms, skin tightening treatments are a natural for this crowd. Brainstorm with the owners about events you could stage together.

With a little creativity you’ll soon have a long list of referral sources. Your consulting room will fill up with people recommended by beneficent others. Those are the closest things to slam-dunk conversions I can think of.


Joyce Sunila is the president of Practice Helpers, providing e-newsletters, blogs and social media services to aesthetic practices. You can contact Joyce at [email protected] or visit the Practice Helpers website at